Why Is Propane Better Than Charcoal?

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propane vs charcoal new jerseySummertime is grilling time, right?

As we’ve been spending more time at home lately, we’ve been grilling more. And when it comes to grilling, propane simply can’t be beat! While charcoal may get love from the foodies, there’s certainly a lot to love about grilling with propane. Here are some of the reasons why you should be grilling with propane if you aren’t already:


On a hot summer day, especially some of those heatwave days we’ve had this summer, you don’t want to work or wait when it comes to grilling. And with a charcoal grill, you’ll be doing both. You have to bring out the charcoal, build a fire, and tend to it. After grilling, you have to clean up the grill and all those messy ashes.

Grilling with propane is so much easier! Simply turn on the supply valve, and then turn on your grill. Once you’ve finished grilling, give the grates a quick cleaning, turn off the grill, and turn off the supply valve. Done and done.

Great grilling, great results

With a propane grill, those dials give you precise and instantaneous temperature control. That control lets you do all kinds of grilling, including indirect grilling for dishes like pulled pork. And with the control, you can make medium-heat dishes like barbecued chicken, and high-heat food like steaks and kebabs with just the turn of the dials. You’ll never get that sort of precision with charcoal.

Propane also doesn’t overwhelm foods with the smell and taste of smoke as often happens with charcoal. And if you use a starter fluid on charcoal, your food can develop a butane flavor on top of the unappetizing smoke.

The flavors of the food shine when you grill with propane, because it burns so clean. You get to enjoy the light, bright flavors of fish, fruit, chicken, and more!

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