How to Get a Propane Cylinder Exchange

Grill tank services can boost your business profile and revenue.

grill tank Hunterdon County, NJ There are a few undeniable truths in our world. Just as day follows night and the seasons change, homeowners in Southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Mayland need propane cylinders to power their grills at this time of year. The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) found that 62% of American grillers prefer gas over charcoal.

For most of that 62%, a grill tank filled with propane is the best way to fuel the burners on their home grill. When it comes time to replenish their grill tanks, they could be turning to your place of business to pick up a high-quality propane cylinder. Blue Flame can help by setting up one of our instantly recognizable Lil’ Hank’s grill tank exchanges at your hardware store, gas station, home store or other retail business.

Benefits of Having a Propane Cylinder Exchange

A Lil’ Hank’s cylinder exchange is a low-stress way to add a new dimension to your business. Consider these benefits:

  • New revenue: The HPBA also found that 63% of grillers use their equipment year-round. Plus, our 20-pound propane tanks can be used for patio heaters, firepits, space heaters and campers. Your grill tank exchange can be a new 12-month revenue generator.
  • Increased visitor traffic: With Lil’ Hank’s signage, a new group of customers will be pulling into your parking lot. This can boost your overall customer base.
  • Better customer loyalty: New and existing customers will be more inclined to drop into your store since they can now add “get more propane” to their to-do list.
  • Burnish your brand awareness: Adding a propane component to your business profile will establish your store as a one-stop shop in the community. This can increase word-of-mouth and online awareness.

A propane cylinder exchange can pay dividends in added profits, more customers and bigger brand awareness. With Blue Flame, getting set up is a cinch.

Set Up a Lil’ Hank’s Exchange with Blue Flame.

Homeowners recognize the Lil’ Hank’s brand from Hunterdon County, NJ, to Bucks County, PA — and into our extended Lil’ Hank’s service region in Maryland. We can get a grill tank exchange in your business with minimal work on your part. Our set-up process includes:

  • New cylinder cages installed by our professional team.
  • Consistent, safe cylinder deliveries from our experienced, fully trained staff.
  • A dedicated Account Manager who knows our name and will oversee your Lil’s Hank’s account to ensure we are meeting your business’s needs.
  • Attractive Lil’ Hank’s signage. These eye-catching signs will alert local grillers that your store is a go-to propane destination.
  • Competitive pricing, backed by our large inventory of cylinders and dependable supply of propane. Our rates are transparent and reasonable. There are no long-term contracts, and we arrange delivery schedules based on your specific needs.

Plus, you can be confident that your Lil’s Hank’s exchange will be supported by Blue Flame’s responsive, experienced, safety-focused team.

Reach out to us today to learn more about getting a propane cylinder exchange. We’re here to help you grow your business.