Propane Delivery Options for Your Home

Blue Flame has a range of fuel delivery plans for your home

propane delivery Cape May county, nj

We like to call residential propane a year-round fuel. When temperatures are icy in Cape May, Vineland, Cherry Hill, Princeton, Philadelphia, West Chester or other cities and towns we serve, propane is essential for home heating. During milder and warm months, Blue Flame customers count on our propane delivery services for outdoor living products like pool heaters, fire pits and outdoor kitchens. Then, there are the 12-month propane appliances like water heaters, ranges, ovens and clothes dryers.

At Blue Flame, we make it a point to give our valued customers a choice of fuel delivery options to match their lifestyle, plus payment options that stabilize your monthly payments and lower winter bills.

A propane runout is serious business.

Our lives are busier and more stressful than ever, and it’s easy for details to fall through the cracks. Generally speaking, you should never let your propane tank’s gauge fall too far below 30 percent. After that, you are running the risk of a fuel runout. And propane runouts are severely disruptive.

We understand that your top concern is getting your heating system and critical appliances back online, but before we can re-fill your tank, our technicians are required to perform a pressure test and inspection. This increases your expenses and extends your time without fuel. To put it mildly, it’s a heck of an inconvenience. Luckily, we have a solution.

Automatic delivery is our no-stress, no-runout option.

When you are a will-call customer, you always need to stay on top of your tank levels. But we can free you from that responsibility with our no-fee automatic delivery option. We’ll handle all the planning for you. Our computerized system uses the weather and your historical usage to calculate how much fuel is in your tank. Then, we deliver propane when you’re around 30 percent full.

Will you end up using more propane with automatic delivery? Absolutely not. You only pay for the fuel we put in your tank.

For even more peace of mind, consider installing a propane tank monitor, which uses wireless technology to provide you and us with up-to-the-minute tank-level data. These fantastic devices are ideal for homes with inconsistent fuel usage, people who manage deliveries for relatives and income property owners.

Stabilize your fuel bills with SmartPay.

At Blue Flame, we want paying for your propane to be as low-stress as receiving it. That’s why we offer a free monthly budget plan, SmartPay. With this plan, you no longer pay for your fuel at delivery. Instead, we divide your propane expenses into equal monthly installments. You’ll always pay the same amount each month — and your winter bills will be cut virtually in half!

If your fuel ends up costing more or less than we estimate, we’ll adjust your plan. You will never pay a cent more than the cost of your propane on the day it was delivered.

Households in Bucks, Atlantic, Burlington and Cape May counties trust Blue Flame for dependable propane delivery. Join our happy family of customers today.