Save On Energy Costs This Winter With Propane


cost of propane new jerseyWinter brings a lot of great things. The December holidays. Christmas cookies. Latkes. Building snowmen. A weekend skiing.

What’s not so great is the increased energy costs that come from having to keep your New Jersey home as the weather gets cold. And that’s especially true if your home is heated by electricity.

That’s one reason why now is the time to upgrade to a propane heating system for your home, and get propane delivery from Blue Flame!

You can count on Blue Flame for reliable and safe delivery of your propane. We also offer automatic propane delivery and wireless tank monitoring so you can be sure you’ll never run out of propane in a cold snap. And new residential customers get their first fill for $1.99 a gallon!

Propane Performance

Here’s more on why propane is superior to electricity for heating your home:

  • Propane burns hotter and is more efficient than electricity. That means you need less of it for heating your home, which can save you money on energy bills.
  • Propane isn’t dependent on the electrical power grid to keep your home warm. If the electricity goes out in a snow storm or an ice storm, your home won’t be heated. Since propane is stored right next to your home, it won’t leave you in the cold, and works as normal.

Propane can also do more with other equipment and appliances in your home!

  • A propane water heater gives you twice as much hot water in an hour as an electric water heater. That leads to less energy usage and reduced energy bills.
  • A propane clothes dryer is also more efficient, not only drying your laundry faster than an electric dryer, but also with fewer wrinkles which means you’ll save energy by not having to plug in the iron as often.

Since propane burns cleaner, propane appliances usually perform better, need less maintenance and repairs, and last longer than electric appliances.

Make the switch to propane heating and enjoy dependable propane delivery from Blue Flame. Contact us today and become a Blue Flame customer, today.