Propane Forklifts Maximize Your Efficiency

Count the ways that propane saves you money, time and labor.

propane forklifts Chester, PA You may often hear us talk about how efficient propane is. But the term efficiency can mean different things in different contexts. Do we mean that propane burns efficiently with little lost energy? Do we mean that your workers can work more efficiently with propane equipment? Do we mean that using propane is an efficient use of your money?

The answer is all of the above!

Manufacturing sites, construction projects and distribution centers are discovering the superior value of propane forklifts in Vineland, Cape May, Doylestown and other cities in the Mid-Atlantic region. And Blue Flame offers a forklift cylinder program that takes all the stress out of fueling your fleet.

Propane forklifts save you money.

How good of a value are propane forklifts compared with electric vehicles? Depending on how many forklifts your business uses, the cost savings can range from tens of thousands of dollars to over 100,000 dollars. Electric forklifts require a heavy investment in recharging equipment, including batteries and charging stations. Propane forklifts require only cylinder storage and a trusted partner like Blue Flame.

Check out the Propane Education & Research Council’s handy forklift cost calculator to see how much you can save.

Propane forklifts save you time.

It can take hours to recharge an electric forklift, costing you valuable productivity. Diesel and gasoline products require time-consuming trips to pick up fuel. But propane forklifts provide the most efficient fuel solution, saving time and keeping your operations on schedule.

A single forklift cylinder generally powers a propane forklift for a full shift. If your vehicle runs out of fuel, there’s no long wait for more power. You can attach a fresh cylinder and get moving. Plus, with a Blue Flame forklift propane plan, you can rest easy knowing we’ll keep you stocked with the propane cylinders you need.

Propane forklifts are more convenient.

Most businesses that use forklifts need them to lift and move in both indoor and outdoor settings. That can be an issue for gas, diesel and electric forklifts. Gas and diesel forklifts generate too much carbon monoxide (CO) and other harmful emissions to run safely indoors. Electric forklifts can’t function safely in rainy conditions. But propane burns cleanly, with minimal CO, SOx and NOx emissions. And there’s no issue with inclement weather with a propane-fueled vehicle. It’s the best of both worlds!

Electric forklifts typically begin slowing down and losing lifting power as their battery runs low on juice. But a propane forklift with lift, move and mount inclines at full power until the last drop of propane.

Become a Blue Flame forklift customer.

Why do so many businesses in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania choose Blue Flame for their forklift tanks? We offer a full-service tank exchange program, including:

  • Setting up of on-site cages at your business.
  • A schedule tailored to your needs.
  • Training for your employees on safe cylinder-handling processes.
  • Regular propane cylinder inspection for leaks and other safety concerns.
  • We offer flexible service agreements.

Blue Flame is 100 percent regulations-compliant. Our top priority is the safety of your workforce.

Contact our team to learn more about forklift propane services.