4 Key Benefits of Propane Generators

Enjoy Safety and Comfort No Matter What Mother Nature Brings Next!

generatorsWe take for granted having power in our homes. However, on those rare occasions when the electricity goes out, you notice just how many things become compromised, such as safety, comfort, and connection.

Propane services from Blue Flame can help with that! With our dependable propane delivery and expert propane tank installation, you can enjoy the peace of mind you’ll get by protecting your home with a propane-powered whole-house backup generator.

Why is a Propane Whole-House Generator a Good Investment?

Security. There are safety concerns when the power goes out, both for your loved ones and your property. A propane whole-house backup generator keeps the lights and home security system running. Medical equipment such as electric wheelchairs will have the vital power they need, and your basement sump pump will keep working, protecting your basement and possessions stored down there from potential damage.

Comfort. Not having your HVAC system working because of a power outage is an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience—especially during a cold, winter season. Your home will better keep at those ideal temperatures thanks to a propane whole-house backup generator that keeps your heating system powered on.

Protect Your Food. Did you know that some foods begin to spoil in less than six hours? If your power is out longer than a day, you could end up throwing hundreds of dollars’ worth of food right into the garbage. Not only will your propane whole-house backup generator keep the food in the refrigerator and freezer safely cold, but you’ll be also able to use electric appliances such as the coffeemaker, toaster, and multicooker.

Ensure Connectivity. If the power goes out, having a propane whole-house backup generator allows your phone, laptop, and tablet to be charged so you can stay in touch with local authorities as well as family and other loved ones. You’ll have electricity for your computer, scanner, and other equipment if you work remotely.

What About Portable Propane Generators?

While portable propane generators cannot do all that a propane whole-house backup generator does, they are a cost-effective option for keeping lights on and the fridge running.

Blue Flame makes it easy for you to have the propane your portable generator needs with our Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange, located at gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, home and garden centers, and other retail establishments all over our Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania service area.

If you use a portable propane generator, it is essential that you follow propane safety best practices: Never operate your portable generator or store your cylinders indoors or in an enclosed areal like a covered porch, garage, or carport. That also applies to your grill if you are using it for cooking during power outages.

Read and re-read the generator’s owner’s manual before you need to use it. Trying to figure it out on the fly during a store increases the risk of incorrect usage.

Blue Flame’s reliable propane delivery means that your propane whole-house backup generator will always have the fuel it needs to keep your home safe and comfortable. Become a customer today and experience the difference we can make for you!