Fuel Your Landscaping Fleet With Propane!

Enjoy Money Saving Benefits—And More!

propane mower new jerseyIf you own a landscaping business here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, this is a busy time for you.

Propane can help you get jobs done more efficiently and help keep your business growing. Converting your commercial mowers, vehicles, and generators to propane gas offer you opportunities to minimize your expenses so you can maximize your profits!

Blue Flame offers a commercial cylinder exchange service that is affordable and customizable to meet the needs of your business.

Incentives To Switch To Propane

The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) offers landscaping businesses like yours a reward of $1,000 for each purchase of a qualifying new propane commercial mower, and $500 for each qualifying mower conversion to propane. Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania offer incentives for using propane, as it is an alternative fuel!

Cost Efficiency Of Propane

Propane typically costs less per gallon than gasoline.

Propane commercial mowers also cost about 30% less per hour to operate than gasoline-powered commercial mowers. By using propane in your equipment and vehicles, your business may be eligible for a federal alternative fuel tax credit.

Managing your fuel costs is also made easier. Loss of fuel to spills is dramatically reduced and fuel theft is virtually eliminated!

Propane Is Environmentally Friendly

Did you know propane has up to 60% fewer carbon emissions than other fuels? Unlike gasoline, does not harm air, water, or soil if it leaks. Your employees won’t be breathing in gasoline exhaust fumes. Using cleaner-burning propane gives your business a competitive advantage over your competition with environmentally conscious clients.

Equipment Protection

Because propane burns so cleanly, it doesn’t create as much wear on the engines of your equipment and vehicles.

On average, they will require less overall maintenance and fewer repairs, meaning they’ll be out making money for your business rather than in the shop costing you money!

Increased Productivity

Your employees no longer lose time having to fill an empty gasoline tank on their mowers or other equipment. Replacing an empty propane tank with a full one is a matter of moments and they’re back on the job.

They won’t have to stop work or go off-route to find a nearby gas station as they would with gasoline-powered machinery.

Go green and save some green with propane-powered landscaping equipment! Contact us to learn more about how Blue Flame of New Jersey can keep you and your business fueled all season long!