Are Propane Prices Typically Cheaper In The Summer?

Figuring out the dollars and cents of propane

summer propane prices new jersey

If you look at your monthly propane statement from Blue Flame (something that’s easy to do when you have an online account, by the way!) you may wonder if there’s a time of the year that is best to capitalize on low fuel prices.

Like the cost of many commodities, propane prices can fluctuate throughout the year. In most cases, prices are lower in the warmer months and higher during the winter, but prices can even fluctuate throughout the summer.

Most residential propane users here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania typically use more propane in the winter because they’re using it for home heating. That means there’s more demand for the propane supply which can drive up the numbers.

Another reason is propane delivery demands. Bad winter weather such as snow, ice, or high winds impact on delivery capabilities. That, in-turn, could effects how much you pay for delivery with certain providers.

You’ll notice that from season-to-season, these fluctuations can be minor, but even a few cents can make a difference. For instance: If you have a 500-gallon tank, a decrease of 20 cents per gallon can save you a fairly sizeable amount of money!

The easiest way to take control over these propane costs is with our SmartPay plan. Instead of your propane bills going up and down over the year, your propane costs are spread out over 12 even, easy monthly payments. A few cent differences are mitigated when it’s spread throughout the year rather than out of your pocket all at once!

Whenever you buy your propane, know that Blue Flame is here for you with reliable, safe propane delivery. Out Automatic Delivery gives you peace of mind that we’ll get your propane to you before you ever run low.

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