Who Takes Propane Tanks For Disposal?

Propane cylinder recycling in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania

propane tank recycling Atlantic City, NJ Hopefully, your home’s propane grill worked without incident or interruption throughout the summer. Now that the cold weather has arrived, and the burgers, sausages and salmon filets are no longer sizzling, you might have put your barbecue under a cover for the winter.

How did your grill’s propane tank hold up? Are you concerned that it might be time to retire it? The Blue Flame team is happy to tell you if you need to dispose of a propane cylinder and the best way to do it in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What are the guidelines for certifying portable propane tanks?

Portable propane tanks, including your grill’s 20-pound cylinder, are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), which sets guidelines for inspection and requalification. Per typical DOT guidance, a propane cylinder should be inspected and requalified by an authorized DOT facility 12 years after its manufacture date and every five years after that.

How can you tell if your propane tank should be retired?

We strongly advise you to cease the use of any propane cylinder that is expired, dented or has excessive rust.

Additionally, you should never use a propane cylinder you know to be leaking. You can test whether a grill tank has a leak by mixing a 50/50 solution of water and dish soap and spraying it onto your grill tank valve, grill hose and regulator. If you see bubbling after you open the cylinder valve, there could be a leak. Close the valve and tighten all your connections, then reopen the valve and check again.

How can you dispose of an old or damaged propane cylinder?

If your propane grill tank still has fuel in it but is not safe to use, please reach out to us. We’re more than happy to dispose of the container and fuel safely. Do you have one of our Lil’ Hank’s cylinders, and it’s empty? Just bring it to an exchange and get a full replacement.

Here are guidelines for New Jersey and Pennsylvania for disposing of old propane tanks:

Pennsylvania: The PA Department of Environmental Protection advises that you check if your local hazardous waste collection program will accept the tank. If not, search your local phone directory for “gas-propane” or a similar heading and find a private company that will take it.

New Jersey: If you cannot reach your local propane provider or the company that sold you the tank, check your county’s guidelines for disposing of the tank at a landfill or drop-off location. You cannot typically leave these cylinders outside for collection.

Blue Flame has you covered with Lil’ Hank’s cylinders!

Blue Flame is always here to provide you with propane safety guidance and assist in any way we can with your propane cylinder needs. Our Lil’ Hank’s BBQ tanks are among the most popular grill cylinders in Atlantic City and throughout our service region.

Need help with an old or damaged propane tank? Connect with our team today. We’re ready to help!