Who Benefits From Wireless Tank Monitoring?

Discover the convenience!

propane monitor new jerseyBlue Flame is already known for the most reliable propane delivery in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania—and we’re taking that reliability to the next level with our wireless propane tank monitoring service!

What is a wireless propane tank monitor? It’s a small device that, once it is installed on your tank, uses wireless and cellular technology to send a constant signal to Blue Flame, 24/7, informing us in real-time exactly how much propane is in your tank.

So, is wireless propane tank monitoring something that will benefit you, or is there something in it for us? The answer is “both” in this case!

Everyone Wins with Tank Monitoring!

Wireless propane tank monitoring ensures the security of your propane supply and allows us to do our job more efficiently. Here’s what our service does for you:

Prevents Runouts. With Blue Flame’s wireless tank monitoring, worrying about running out of propane is a thing of the past. An alert is sent to us, as well as you as soon as your propane tank level reaches a specified point—typically around 25% full. We then immediately schedule a delivery of propane to your home—before you ever run low.

Worry-free Propane Delivery. Life can get hectic. But, if you typically call-in your orders and neglect to check your propane tank gauges, you may be confronted with the hassle and expense of an emergency delivery if you run out of propane. Leave the job to us with wireless tank monitoring—you’ll never need to wander out to check your gauges again.

Stay Informed. You’ll also receive access to a convenient mobile app that accompanies the wireless propane tank monitor. The app enables you to check your propane tank levels at any time of day or night, keep track of your gas usage, get alerts when you need more propane, and more, right on your smartphone.

How Tank Monitoring Benefits Blue Flame

Wireless propane tank monitoring makes good business sense for us too! Blue Here’s how:

Better Efficiency. Because we know precisely when you require propane, we aren’t making unnecessary deliveries. You’ll only receive propane when you really need it.

Better Service. Streamlined propane delivery thanks to wireless tank monitoring allows us to deliver propane to more customers each day. It also makes us even more responsive in the event of a customer needing emergency delivery.

Contact us to learn more about wireless propane tank monitoring—you can enroll in as little as five minutes!