Propane Tank Monitors Prevent Run-Outs

Take uncertainty out of the equation with your propane deliveries.

tank monitor Lehigh County, PA Take a look around your home and consider how many of your appliances and amenities depend on propane. Blue Flame customers rely on propane for their home heating equipment, water heaters, stoves, ovens, dryers and standby generators. Their home propane tanks also provide fuel for gas logs, outdoor firepits, pool heaters, grills and other products.

With so many items dependent on a steady supply of propane, it makes sense to take every precaution to prevent unexpected run-outs. In Lehigh County, Hunterdon County and all throughout our Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania service area, Blue Flame helps customers avoid run-outs. For many of our customers, wireless propane tank monitoring is the best way to ensure they always have the fuel they need.

Propane run-outs are serious business.

Running out of propane can substantially impact your quality of life. You could be without heat, hot water, a working kitchen, and many other crucial home functions until we arrange an emergency propane delivery for you.

Additionally, we cannot fill your empty propane tank until our technicians perform a safety leak test. It’s a pricy, inconvenient mess. Luckily, Blue Flame offers some fantastic ways to avoid propane run-outs altogether.

Automatic propane delivery can help.

Most of our customers prefer to take part in this free, low-stress propane delivery schedule. With automatic delivery, Blue Flame’s state-of-the-art software handles the planning for you. Using your home profile, delivery history and current weather information, we can determine how quickly your household is using propane. Then, we can schedule your next delivery for when your propane tank is about 30% full.

Automatic delivery frees you from needing to constantly check your tank gauge and remembering to call us for a propane delivery — and it doesn’t cost one penny extra.

Propane tank monitors offer 100% peace of mind.

Of course, there are some households with less predictable fuel usage. If you regularly host guests or spend long periods away from home on business, your home’s heating and hot water needs may be less consistent. The same is true if you have fuel-intensive products that get irregular usage, like ancillary heating sources, standby generators or pool heaters.

For these situations, forecasting propane usage is more difficult, and we often recommend adding more certainty with a wireless propane tank monitor. This device attaches to your tank and transmits real-time fuel level data. Blue Flame can track your monitor, so we know the precise moment when you’ll need fuel. You can track the monitor, too, using a free mobile app.

Tank monitors are also popular with people who need to track propane deliveries for properties where they don’t live. This includes owners of rental properties, Airbnb or VRBO hosts and customers who manage the fuel deliveries of family members. With a wireless tank monitor, you’ll always know exactly how much propane is on hand, even if you’re far away from the property.

Talk to Blue Flame about wireless tank monitoring.

We make installing a propane tank monitor incredibly easy. The process only takes a few minutes, and since your tank is outside, you don’t have to be home. Once installed, the monitor will provide years of reliable service for your household.

Contact Blue Flame today to learn more about installing a propane tank monitor.