A Homeowner’s Guide to Propane Tank Parts

Get To Know Your Home Fuel Tank

propane tanks new jerseyIf yours is one of the more than 50 million households that use propane in the United States, there’s a good chance that you own or lease a propane storage tank. At Blue Flame, we sell, lease, and rent top-of-the-line propane tanks—both aboveground and underground—in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

Many customers, especially those who lease their tank, aren’t familiar with its different components. Since Blue Flame handles installation, maintenance, and repairs for tank-lease customers, they often only think about the tank on the extremely rare occasion that there is a run-out or leak.

Knowing the different parts of your on-site propane tank or cylinder—as well as their functions—is quite helpful. Here’s a rundown that can help you if you ever need to discuss a fuel storage issue with us.

Propane Tank Parts & Their Applications

Here are some of a stationary tank’s main components:

Tank Part Function
 Fill Valve  Gasket to add more fuel to your tank
 Fixed Level Liquid Gauge  Confirms for your propane delivery person when the tank is filled.
 Float Gauge  As the name suggests, it floats on top of the propane in your tank to measure the fill percentage.
 Liquid Withdrawal Valve  Tube to empty your tank before service or transportation.
 Safety Relief Valve  Springs that open automatically if your tank has an unsafe pressure level.
 Service Valve  Allows fuel to flow from your tank to your home.
 Vapor Return Valve  Releases gas if your tank becomes over-pressurized.

There’s another component that does not come standard with propane tanks, but Blue Flame can install a wireless tank monitor. When you take advantage of our tank monitoring service, we will know how much propane is in your tank in real time. And you can track your fuel levels, too, from a free app on your mobile device!

Parts of a Portable Propane Cylinder

Even households that rely on other fuels for their heat and home appliances might use a portable propane cylinder for a grill, outdoor heater, or fire pit. Blue Flame distributes propane cylinders to businesses in the region with Lil Hank’s exchange program.

Here are some propane cylinder parts and what they do:

Cylinder Part Function
 Acme/POL Fitting  Point of attachment between cylinder and appliance—newer cylinders use Acme fittings, which are hand-tightened.
 Hose  Transports propane to the burner.
 Gauge  Provides an approximate percentage of how full the cylinder is.
 Overfill Prevention Device  Valve with an internal float to stop overfilling.
 Regulator  Controls the flow of propane from the cylinder.

The Blue Flame team wants to be your preferred propane partner! We lease, sell, install and service propane tanks. Contact us for a free consultation and to find the perfect propane-powered solution for your home.