What Size Propane Tank Should I Install At My Home?

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Trust Blue Flame With Safe Propane Tank Installation

Do you know how great propane is as a fuel option for your home here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania?

There are many communities and neighborhoods here with no access to natural gas lines. But with propane, we can enjoy all the benefits of gas appliances for heating our homes, cooking, water heating and more.

And propane offers a benefit natural gas can’t. Our gas supply is always right outside our homes, so we’re not dependent on a utility’s gas lines for safety, warmth and comfort.

In order to have all of these benefits of propane in our homes, we have to have a propane tank.

Blue Flame installs durable aboveground and underground propane tanks. They’re made of heavy-gauge steel and have a special coating to prevent corrosion, helping them last for decades.

Our propane tank experts will help you determine what size propane tank is right for your home, factoring in your home’s size, how many propane appliances you use, what kind of propane appliances you use, and your family’s needs when it comes to propane.

Here’s a guide to a basic understanding of propane tank sizes available.

120-gallon, 150-gallon, and 250-gallon propane tanks: These tanks are for homes that use propane for propane appliances like ranges, water heaters, space heaters and fireplaces. None are quite large enough for whole-house heating, though.

350-gallon and 500-gallon propane tanks: If you are heating your home with propane, one of these tanks will likely be the size for you.

1,000-gallon and larger propane tanks: While these tanks are mostly for commercial use, they are also for large homes heated with propane and that also use multiple propane appliances and high-Btu propane appliances like a pool heater.

Blue Flame also offers 20-, 30-, 40- and 100-pound portable propane cylinders for grills, heaters, RVs and other uses.

Leasing your propane tank

Blue Flame offers cost-effective, worry-free propane tank leasing. No need to pay thousands of dollars up front to buy and install your propane tank. We’ll safely handle installation, maintenance and repairs.

Contact Blue Flame today to learn more about our propane tank installation service and propane tank leasing!