How Much Propane Will I Use This Winter?

Get Familiar with How Much Fuel You Burn!

propane use estimate new jerseyKnowing exactly how much propane you use in your house can better help you plan for and manage winter propane costs—and your costs throughout the calendar year.

However, it should be known that there are several variables that influence just how much propane you use throughout the heating season. You can begin to get an understanding of your seasonal propane costs by examining your past two years’ Blue Flame statements. From there, you’ll be able to see how much your usage patterns change season to season, and it might help you plan for managing your propane costs in the forthcoming year.

By the way, having a Blue Flame online account makes the task of tracking your propane costs so much easier. You can review all your statements right on your computer, laptop, or smartphone, 24/7!

What Influences Propane Usage Levels?

When it comes to propane usage, there are several factors that can affect this. The current weather patterns, the properties of your home residence, and the number of propane appliances you operate all have a role in the amount of propane you may use over the winter season.

You have the least amount of control over the weather. If the winter is particularly severe and lengthy, you’ll expectedly burn more propane than usual. Conversely, milder winter seasons will see you use noticeably less.

Your home plays a big role as well. How well-insulated and resistant to drafts or heat loss your home is one key way. Whether or not your home’s heating system is new, well-maintained, and highly efficient, is another. The use of propane wall and space heaters for supplemental heating can also affect your propane usage patterns. If you travel frequently, you’ll use far less propane than someone who lives in the home full-time.

In terms of lifestyle, the most important factor is how warm you want your house to be on a consistent basis. Other things to consider are the number of people who live there, and if you or any other inhabitants work remotely.

Calculating Propane Usage

On average, a single-family home in southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania may use approximately 600 to 1,400 gallons of propane each year for heating. Heating water consumes an average of 200 to 300 gallons of propane every year.

The following table shows how much propane appliances normally consume on an annual basis. These calculations can assist you in budgeting for your propane expenditures.

Propane Appliance Annual Gallons Used
 Furnace or Boiler  1,000-1,200
 Water Heater  250-300
 Fireplace  200-250
 Range or Cooktop  35-50
 Clothes Dryer  20-30

Blue Flame Helps You Manage Your Propane Costs!

The best way to control your propane supply is by signing up for our Automatic Delivery option. We utilize your propane usage history and present weather conditions to make a precise prediction of when you’ll need more propane. Then we provide the delivery before you come close to running out.

Want even more precise control of your propane supply? We offer wireless propane tank monitoring. It’s ideal for people who travel frequently, live elsewhere for part of the year, or own income property. You can see exactly how much propane is in your tank at any given time—and we’ll be able to see too, so we schedule a delivery at the right time, every time.

Additionally, our SmartPay budget plan option spreads your propane expenses out over even, simple monthly payments. This helps if you want to stop the ups and downs of your propane expenditures throughout the year and pay a single, flat rate month-by-month.

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