Reading Your Propane Tank’s Gauge

Partnering with Blue Flame means never running out of propane gas.

checking propane Atlantic county, nj With the cold weather months behind us in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, you’re probably using less propane than you do when your boiler or furnace is running full-time. Still, you can’t afford to be without this versatile home fuel. Homes in Cape May, Princeton, Toms River, West Chester and other communities depend on propane for a range of appliances, including:

  • water heaters
  • kitchen appliances
  • clothes dryers
  • pool and spa heaters
  • fire pits
  • hearth products
  • grills and outdoor kitchens
  • backup generators

At Blue Flame, we give customers many options for receiving their fuel, and our goal is to help you avoid a propane runout. It’s a terrible inconvenience for everyone when your propane tank runs out entirely. Before we can re-fill your tank and relight your equipment, a propane technician will need to perform leak and pressure tests.

Here is some information on tracking your propane levels — and a few ways Blue Flame can help you avoid run-outs and lower your stress at the same time.

How do you check your propane tank’s fuel level?

Pretty much every stationary propane tank has a gauge under a dome hood. It resembles a car’s speedometer with numbers between 5 and 95. These numbers indicate what percentage full your tank is.

When we (or any other propane company) fill an aboveground propane tank, we only fill it to about 80 percent. This is a safety precaution. Propane expands quite a lot when outdoor temperatures rise, so we need to allow empty space to accommodate the expansion.

What’s the lowest-stress way to keep your propane tank full?

To avoid an unexpected and unwelcome propane runout, we recommend that “will-call” customers contact us when their tank is around 30 percent full. But what if we told you that you could automatically receive your propane right when you need it — at no additional charge?

At Blue Flame, we’re proud to offer free automatic propane delivery to all our customers. With this service, our team calculates your propane usage and delivers more fuel before you run too low. We do this using your customer history and weather metrics.

Can you track your tank levels with your smartphone?

We have many customers who manage propane deliveries for older relatives or income properties. Other customers are often away from home on business. These folks want to be able to monitor their tank levels without needing to visit the house physically. For them and many other customers, we offer wireless propane tank monitoring.

A wireless tank monitor transmits up-to-the-minute fuel level data to our office so we know precisely when to deliver your propane. You can also follow your tank date with a wireless app. Wherever you are and whatever time of day it is, you’ll know how much fuel you have on hand.

Let Blue Flame work with you to prevent run-outs. Contact us today to enroll in automatic delivery and wireless tank monitoring.