Is It Better to Rent or Own Your Propane Tank?

The Pros & Cons of Owning or Leasing Your Tank

propane tank rentals new jerseyFor most homeowners, installing propane storage opens a world of possibilities. Propane is a versatile, efficient fuel. And once you have a propane tank connected to your home, you can take advantage of several new home amenities, including tankless water heaters, efficient clothes dryers, gas logs, fire pits, and pool heating to name a few!

One thing new propane users in Pennsylvania and New Jersey often ask us is whether they should purchase or lease their home’s propane tank. It’s a good question, especially since storage tanks can be expensive.

Every home and every situation are different, so we find it’s best to lay out the pros and cons of owning versus leasing a tank:

Owning a Propane Tank

Much like a car, a house, or other large purchase, owning a propane storage tank gives you substantial freedom…but also responsibility.

Pros of Owning Your Propane Tank Cons of Owning Your Propane Tank
You can change fuel providers whenever you want. You‘re on the hook financially for installation, maintenance, and repairs.
You aren’t limited to your propane company’s tank brands and sizes. You must keep up with tank recertification laws from your state and local regulators.
You can bring in whoever you want to service your tank. Did your fuel usage rise because of new construction or a growing family? It’s up to you to get a larger propane tank.
You won’t lose your tank if there’s a billing dispute with your propane company.

Leasing a Propane Tank from a Fuel Company

Most Blue Flame customers choose to lease a tank from us. We’ve found that the benefits of leasing vastly outweigh the drawbacks.

Pros of Leasing Your Propane Tank Cons of Owning Your Propane Tank
Your propane supplier installs and services the tank at their own cost. You also get the benefit of an experienced partner recommending a tank size. Leasing a tank means you can’t switch fuel companies without finding a new storage solution.
Many suppliers offer preferred propane prices for customers who lease a tank. Some suppliers charge a termination fee if you stop leasing a tank from them.
If you need a larger tank, your supplier can replace it.

At Blue Flame, we sell and install a variety of underground and aboveground propane tanks, ranging from 120- to 1,000-gallon capacities. We’re happy to discuss your needs and plans to help you determine both the type of storage you need—and whether leasing or owning is the better option.

Looking for a local, reliable propane supplier in the New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania region? Want to make the switch to propane? Contact Blue Flame today. We’ll be happy to help.