When Should I Schedule A Heating System Tune-up?

If You’re Reading This…Right Now is a Very Good Time!

furnace tune-up new jerseyWinter is finally giving way to spring here in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. That means your home’s propane-fired furnace of boiler will soon be starting its own spring and summer vacation.

Now, before you swap out your boots for flip-flops or head on over to the Shore for the weekends, it’s wise to take a few minutes and contact Blue Flame to schedule your annual heating system tune-up.

This is the ideal time to schedule your heating system’s annual tune-up. Late winter and early spring, often referred to as a “shoulder season,” where it can be a quieter time for our service departments. That allows us to be more flexible when scheduling tune-ups, so you are more likely to have an appointment for your tune-up at a time when it’s most convenient for you.

Another reason to get your tune-up done now is that you get it done and out of the way ahead of time. You don’t have to wait until next fall and deal with trying to schedule your tune-up when everyone else is. Your home’s propane heating system will be ready to go no matter when the first cold snap hits!

Why Are Heating System Tune-Ups So Important?

You wouldn’t drive a car for years without regular tune-ups and oil and filter changes, would you? Neglecting to get annual professional maintenance on your home’s furnace or boiler is nearly equivalent to that.

Here are some of the benefits that annual tune-ups from Blue Flame offer:

Prevents breakdowns. Four out of five heating system breakdowns could have been prevented with routine, professional maintenance. That’s because our technicians not only do a routine tune-up, but also perform an extensive examination of your heating system during their service. They can identify and repair problems before they get worse and result in a costly breakdown.

Lower heating costs. Annual maintenance gives you an immediate return on your investment. Your heating system will operate at maximum efficiency, using the least amount of energy feasible to heat your home. That can save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

Protects your heating system. When your heating system is maintained on a regular basis, it operates more efficiently and is exposed to fewer breakdown situations. This can result in a longer life expectancy for your furnace or boiler.

Protects the warranty. Annual maintenance by a professional service technician is required by most manufacturer’s warranties for furnaces and boilers. If you neglect to have the tune-up, you risk voiding your warranty and being on the hook for future repair expenses.

Don’t give in to procrastination. Get your heating system tune-up done NOW with the help of Blue Flame. Contact us to schedule your appointment.