What Happens if I Skip My Annual Tune-Up?

Routine Service is an investment in Both Comfort & Lower Energy Bills

heating maintenance new jersey Do you know that old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

That is absolutely the case when it comes to scheduling an annual tune-up for your boiler or furnace. At Blue Flame, our expert service technicians provide comprehensive heating maintenance that ensures your equipment works at peak performance and efficiency. This tune-up is a good chance for them to test your boiler or furnace, clean its burners, replace filters, and make calibrations and repairs.
Arranging an annual tune-up is a relatively small expense, especially when you consider the consequences of skipping it:

Reduced Home Comfort

An under-maintained heating system can have clogged vents, dirty burners, and filters that need to be changed. If unattended, these issues can lead to less comfortable rooms and worse indoor air quality too.

A service technician can address these issues quickly and improve the heat and air in your home.

Increased Risk of Safety Issues

In more severe circumstances, a neglected furnace or boiler could become a safety risk for your home. If combustion by-products are not venting correctly or your burners are not fully igniting, there could be accumulating gas or fumes. Additionally, the wiring in your heating equipment can become frayed over time, which is a notable fire hazard.

An HVAC technician will look at these issues and can typically address them in the same service call.

Higher Fuel Bills

When your heating system does not receive regular maintenance, it stops operating as efficiently as possible. A well-maintained propane boiler or furnace can maintain fuel efficiency levels of 90 percent or higher. A poorly maintained system could be in the 60s. That means that 30 to 40 cents of every dollar you spend on propane goes right out your chimney without making your home warmer.

As you might imagine, the investment you make in a heating system tune-up will pay off in lower fuel consumption and less frequent propane deliveries.

Increased Chance of a Heating System Breakdown

A yearly tune-up allows a technician to identify minor issues that, when ignored, can develop into expensive breakdowns. The relatively small cost of a tune-up is nothing compared to the inconvenience and price tag of an emergency repair call.

A Voided Manufacturer’s Warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty offers excellent peace of mind in case your new furnace or boiler needs work. But most warranties require you to get an annual tune-up.

If you skip your service and your equipment breaks down, you might be on the hook for the heating repair bill—even if your manufacturer would normally cover it.

Need a Tune-Up? It’s Not Too Late to Schedule Yours Today!

If you haven’t already had your heating equipment serviced this fall, now is the time to get it done. Soon, our technicians will be totally booked for the winter season, handling no heat emergencies throughout southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Don’t go another season without your proper maintenance!

Request your service appointment today and get your heating system ship-shape before the first snowfall arrives.