Smooth your transition to fall with these convenient Blue Flame services

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Now that Labor Day 2018 is officially behind us, it’s time to start preparing for the heating season to come here in the Garden State: before you know it, the leaves will be turning and temperatures will drop all over Southern NJ.

As we prepare for that cooler weather, here are three things you can do to make your transition to fall go more smoothly:

  1. Enroll in SmartPay – Avoid unwanted heating bill surprises when you sign up for our SmartPay monthly budget program. Rather than paying 80 percent of your annual fuel bill over a three month period, we’ll estimate what you pay for your propane deliveries based on your past usage (or an average for a home your size in your area, if you choose to become a new Blue Flame customer), then spread that cost over a year’s worth of monthly payments. The result? Predictable bills, month after month.
  2. Sign up for Automatic Propane Delivery – Running out of propane can be inconvenient, costly, and even dangerous. But with Automatic Propane Delivery, you can avoid that hassle and never have to check your fuel gauge or order your own propane again. The best part? Automatic Propane Delivery is FREE.
    If you want even more peace of mind, check out our wireless propane tank monitoring, which sends us updates on your propane levels 24/7; when your tank is ready for a top-off, our crews will be there. You’ll even be notified by email when your tank is low and when you’ve had a delivery!
  3. Switch to AutoPay – Save a stamp, take the hassle out of bill paying, and avoid late fees with our AutoPay Program. Set the program up with a credit or debit card or through an ACH account with your bank, and you’ll never have to think about managing your bills again.

Get fall off on the right foot with these convenient services and more from Blue Flame. Contact us today to learn more!