Keep Your Propane Supply Full, Secure, And Accessible This Winter

Make Sure Blue Flame Can Safely Deliver Your Propane

propane supply new jerseyAs we close in on Thanksgiving, the start of winter here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania is not far behind.

And while it may be warm now, the colder weather is absolutely forthcoming—and that means making sure you have enough propane to keep your home warm and safe becomes even more essential.

Blue Flame is dedicated to making sure your propane is delivered safely and promptly. But in winter, we need your help to make sure that happens. Here are three things for you to do:

Become An Automatic Delivery Customer

When the temperature plummets or a big dump of snow occurs, going outside to check your propane tank gauge level is probably the last thing you want to do. But simply have to if you’re a Will-Call propane delivery customer.

Make your life easier with Automatic Delivery! We track your propane usage, using your prior usage and current weather conditions to accurately predict when you will need more propane. We schedule a delivery to your home before you run low. It’s work-free and worry-free!

If you want even more peace of mind about your propane delivery service, we offer wireless propane tank monitoring, too! We’ll know exactly how much propane is in your tank, 24/7. And when it’s time for a refill, the monitor sends us an alert and we schedule a delivery to your home.

Accessibility To Propane Tank After Storms

We get it. Shoveling snow, snow blowing, and de-icing are a pain to do, especially after a big snow or ice storm.

But if Blue Flame’s propane delivery drivers can’t safely get down your driveway, or safely access your propane tank, we might not be able to make your propane delivery.

So, when you shovel, snow blow, or de-ice your driveway, make sure that it is cleared wide enough so our trucks can get through. Also, keep a path to your propane tank safe and clear. Don’t forget to mark the location of the propane tank with a colored flag on a pole that is visible above any snow drifts that pile up. This is especially important it you have an underground propane tank.

Protect Your Propane Tank

A fresh blanket of snow may make your yard look pretty, but it is not a good thing for your propane tank.

That snow blocks sunlight and its warmth from your propane tank. That can let your propane tank get cold enough to reduce the pressure inside it. If that happens, it may impact the operation of your propane appliances.

Snow can also damage fittings and joints and make the propane tank shift on its base. Those can all be a cause of propane leaks.

Keep the tank and the area around it clear of snow but do it safely and properly. Don’t use a shovel to clear the snow and/or ice away, because it can damage the tank and its parts. Use a broom instead.

Count on Blue Flame for safe, reliable propane delivery no matter what Mother Nature throws our way this winter. Become a customer today—and experience the Blue Flame difference.