Making the Switch From Electricity to Propane Power

Conversion Is Fast, Simple, and a Gateway to Home Energy Savings

why propane new jerseyBeing a homeowner often means trying to get the most utility for the least money from your HVAC system and appliances. With energy prices fluctuating, people tend to wonder which fuel is best: electricity or propane?

While both electricity and propane can power a range of systems and appliances, propane is almost always more effective, efficient, and sustainable. And it’s easier than you might think to convert your home from electricity to propane (or set up a newly constructed home for propane).

A team of experienced technicians can help you make the switch in as little as one day. You’ll begin experiencing propane’s benefits almost immediately.

Propane—Safe, Efficient, and Versatile

Why switch to propane? To begin with, it’s an incredibly efficient fuel source. Propane burns in furnaces with around 90% efficiency. That’s great for the planet because fewer emissions escape into the atmosphere, and higher efficiency means less wasted energy and lower fuel usage.

Virtually across the board, propane provides better energy for your home systems and appliances:

  • Propane furnaces can heat air to 130°F to 140°F, compared to electric heat pumps, which top out below the human body temperature (98.6°F). This keeps you warmer for less money.
  • A propane-fired storage-tank water heater costs 30 percent less to run than an electric model. A tankless propane water heater is nearly 80 percent less expensive.
  • Propane clothes dryers take 25 percent less time to dry laundry than their electric counterparts.
  • Cooking with propane offers quick, precise temperature control. It also costs less than cooking with electricity.

One of the best benefits of converting your home to propane is controlling your own energy source. Your home’s heating, hot water, cooking and laundry will no longer be reliant on an overburdened, unreliable electric grid.

And propane is also extremely safe. It’s much less combustible than other fuels, requiring at least 940 degrees to ignite. It’s non-toxic, so even in the unlikely event of a tank leak, your water and soil will be safe.

Blue Flame Can Be Your Local, Reliable Propane Partner

Blue Flame is available to help with your converting your Southern New Jersey or Western Pennsylvania home to propane. Our team of experts can help you determine your ideal propane tank size. We offer a range of sizes and shapes—both aboveground and underground—that you can buy or lease. And these tanks are built to last for decades.

We also offer the most reliable propane delivery crew in the region. With our automatic delivery option, you don’t have to worry about tracking your own levels. We will deliver fuel when your tank reaches 30% full. We also offer wireless tank monitoring for even more precise tracking.

So, if you’re ready to make the change from electricity to propane, Blue Flame wants to be your fueling partner you can trust for years to come. Contact us now to get started.