The Versatility of Propane

10 uses of propane, from grilling to heating your home.

propane appliances Camden county, nj Propane is one of the most popular home fuels around. It’s an abundant, efficient, American-made energy source with various uses around the home. As the premier propane delivery company in Bucks, Atlantic, Burlington and Cape May counties, Blue Flame can help you get the most from this versatile fuel.

Here are 10 fantastic ways you can use propane around your home.

Heating your home

Propane furnaces and boilers have efficiency ratings in the 90s, so nearly all of your fuel dollars go to keeping you and your loved ones warm. Propane furnaces can consistently deliver heat in the 120–140 °F range, regardless of how cold it gets in South Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Warming up your water

Propane-powered water heaters are far more effective than electric alternatives at providing consistent hot water. They have roughly double the hot water recovery rate of electric units. And propane tankless water heaters are even more efficient. They generate virtually unlimited hot water on demand.

Drying laundry

Electric clothes dryers can require multiple cycles to fully dry your damp laundry. Propane-powered clothes dryers do the job 25 percent faster. Even better, they leave fewer wrinkles and less static cling.

Keeping your pool warm

Many families we serve depend on propane pool and spa heaters to keep their water at the perfect temperature all year round. With these efficient products, you’ll be able to swim well into the evening and late into autumn without chattering teeth.

Heating garages and other spaces

If you have a garage or other detached space you use as a workshop or studio, you need a way to heat it dependably in the colder months. Propane space heaters offer the most robust heating, with safety features to ensure you can use your space in comfort and confidence.

Fueling kitchen appliances

The overwhelming majority of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas and with good reason. Gas ranges and ovens offer quick, intense heat that’s easily adjustable. And propane cooking appliances keep working during a power outage!

Getting your grill sizzling

Speaking of gas cooking, a recent survey found that 61 percent of American grillers prefer gas. Unlike charcoal, propane lights up quickly and requires minimal cleanup when you’re done barbecuing. Plus, it won’t produce a lot of smoke or chemical tastes. You can savor the flavor of that perfectly seared porterhouse!

Blue Flame can help you power your grill with our Lil’ Hanks propane cylinder exchanges.

Lighting up your fireplace

Everyone loves a flickering hearth on a chilly night, but getting a wood-burning fire going (and cleaning up the ashes afterward) can be a real pain. Consider installing a propane fireplace insert or gas log to enjoy a lovely fire without the work.

Illuminating your home and yard

You can transform your deck, cabana, walkway and home exterior with twinkling propane lighting. These fixtures are beautiful and functional, but you can power them for pennies!

Warming your patio (and your marshmallows)

A propane-powered firepit or outdoor fireplace allows you and your loved ones to converse, laugh and toast s’mores late into the night. Your outdoor space will become a hot summer hangout in the neighborhood.

Are you looking for a propane company that genuinely prioritizes your comfort? Become a Blue Flame customer today.