Three ways to help us keep your propane deliveries coming this winter

House driveway in the winter

If we have learned anything over the last couple of years, it’s that weather here in New Jersey can be unpredictable – especially during the winter (remember last year’s record low temperatures in January? They came on the heels of near record high temperatures in December).

That kind of weather seesaw keeps a propane delivery company like ours on its toes as we work day and night to deliver the propane that keeps your family warm and safe, and to maintain a fleet that’s up to the challenges that Mother Nature presents us.

We’re pretty good at it, too…especially when we get some help from you.

That’s right, you play a big part in keeping propane deliveries coming during severe winter weather – both to your home and to the hundreds of your NJ neighbors we serve.

How can you play your part in keeping NJ families warm and safe? By helping us in three ways:

  • Clear a path to your fill pipe – If it snows, please try to keep a minimum 12-inch path to your propane tank clear so we can access it quickly and safely.
  • Clear your driveway – One of your biggest obstacles to getting to your propane tank is navigating our delivery trucks on steep driveways. Please keep your driveway clear if you anticipate a propane delivery!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute – When propane is in high demand, our routes get quite busy – which means it’s harder for us to accommodate instant delivery requests. Please call when your tank is no less than a quarter full – or avoid the hassle of calling altogether by signing up for FREE Automatic Propane Delivery from Blue Flame.

Thanks as always for your business, and for helping us keep the propane coming when you need it most!

Did you know that we speed up our delivery schedule when severe weather is forecast so we can get extra delivery runs in ahead of the storm? It’s just one more way Blue Flame delivers for you. Contact us today to schedule a propane delivery, or to join the Blue Flame family of satisfied customers.