4 Tips to Prep for Your Winter Propane Delivery

Filling your Propane Tank safely and quickly

propane tank Cherry Hill, NJ From Princeton to Doylestown and Cape May to West Chester, the Blue Flame propane delivery trucks are hitting the road this winter. Our drivers are behind the wheel from sunrise until well into the night, ensuring that the Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania households depending on us all receive the fuel they need.

After all, propane is more than a fuel. It means warm homes, steamy showers, clean clothes, cozy fireplaces and hot meals.

As you might imagine, demand for propane in our service area is already high, and it will only grow as we tally more freezing nights and snowy days. That’s why we humbly ask you to help our drivers to make these propane deliveries as expedient as possible. Here are four simple ways you can prepare for your winter propane delivery appointment.

1. Keep your home number visible to our driver.

We need to be able to find your home to deliver your propane. With the sun setting earlier and snow and sleet falling more often, visibility can be an issue. You can help us by ensuring your home’s street number is clear of ice, snow and branches. Please also turn on your home’s exterior lights.

2. Shovel and salt your driveway.

Our trucks need to be able to park safely, and snowy, icy weather can complicate that. If there’s ice or snow on your driveway, please shovel it and put salt or sand down before our driver arrives. Our drivers need a nine- to 10-foot-wide clear path to maneuver. If your driveway is on any incline, the driver must also secure wheel chocks (the tire wedges that prevent trucks from rolling back).

It’s also helpful to mark the borders of your driveway in case snow has covered them.

3. Clear a path to your propane tank.

For the safest and promptest propane delivery, leave the gate to your property open (and keep your pets indoors). If snowfall occurs, please shovel a path to your propane tank. (You can help yourself and us by marking your propane tank with colorful flags before the snow falls.)

4. Enroll in Blue Flame’s Automatic Propane Delivery

The Blue Flame team truly appreciates how many of our customers have opted into our FREE automatic delivery schedule. Automatic delivery customers don’t need to check their propane tank gauges or contact us for propane. Our computerized system calculates how quickly they use fuel based on the household profile and current weather. Then, we deliver propane automatically when their propane tanks are at about 30 percent.

Not only is automatic delivery a no-stress way for you to avoid running out of propane in the winter; it also helps us. When more customers receive automatic propane tank fills, we can plan our routes more effectively. As a result, propane deliveries go faster, and more people get service in a single shift.

Do you want to become an automatic delivery customer? Contact us to enroll.