Benefits of Using a Forklift Propane Service

Full-service propane cylinder contracts for your forklift fleet.

forklift propane trenton, nj Propane has a range of commercial uses, and for many businesses in the manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail and distribution sectors, it’s an essential forklift fuel. For many decades, the Blue Flame team has supported commercial customers in Trenton and throughout our service area in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Our propane cylinder program keeps their forklifts running without interruption.

Whether you’re just starting up operations or you have a large, seasoned propane forklift fleet, we can help ensure you get the propane you need.

Why choose propane forklifts?

Propane forklifts offer several benefits that make them preferable to vehicles powered by gasoline, diesel or electricity.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Usage. Roughly 68% of forklift fleets need to work indoors and outdoors. Propane forklifts can handle both. Unlike electric forklifts, they can run outdoors in both wet and dry conditions. Plus, your employees will be safe running one indoors. A well-maintained propane forklift fleet will meet or exceed nationwide indoor air quality standards because of propane’s low carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and particulate matter emissions. That isn’t the case with gas or diesel forklifts.
  • No Power Fade. A single 33-pound propane cylinder can typically power a forklift for an entire shift of eight hours. And as their fuel decreases, they lose no lifting or moving capacity. Propane forklifts run at full power to the last drop, unlike electric models, which fade as their power is depleted.
  • Easy Refueling. Electric forklifts may sit for hours recharging, which leaves you waiting and losing productive work time. With a propane forklift, you swap out cylinders and get moving. The downtime can be as little as five minutes! Unlike gasoline or diesel forklifts, propane vehicles don’t pose a risk of fuel spills.
  • Proven Performance. You can be confident that a propane forklift will handle the toughest lifting and moving jobs. They have demonstrated the ability to manage heavier workloads and navigate steeper inclines than electric forklifts.
  • Cost Savings. Your upfront investment in a propane forklift fleet could be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars cheaper than an electric fleet because you won’t need to pay for charging equipment. Plus, propane is an American-made fuel source with a low, stable price point.

Why arrange on-site forklift propane service?

To get the most out of your propane forklifts, you need a dependable supply of fuel. You could end up losing valuable work hours if you need to run out to a propane supplier to refill a lot of empty cylinders. The better option is to arrange an inventory of propane cylinders that a reliable company can replenish for you.

At Blue Flame, we offer flexible forklift propane contracts. We will install secure cages at your site and provide safety training to your workforce. Then, we’ll arrange a customized propane delivery schedule to match your operational needs. Our goal is to take all the stress out of keeping your equipment fueled. You’ll never need to worry about a work stoppage due to empty forklift cylinders.

Get a propane services team that runs as smoothly as your forklifts. Reach out to Blue Flame today.