How Does Using Propane Benefit Your Restaurant?


propane for restaurants new jerseyThe restaurant business is an exciting one – It’s also challenging, loaded with competition, and has customers who can be fickle, at times.

Choosing how to power your southern New Jersey restaurant business to maximize profit and minimize headaches is a critical decision – but don’t worry -propane can do both … and more! We’ll show you several of the reasons you should be turning to propane from Blue Flame this season – and beyond!

Advantages of propane

Quality. You invest a lot in good ingredients and skilled kitchen staff. Propane helps you maximize both. The precise, on-a-dime temperature control your chefs get from a propane commercial stove means they can sauté vegetables perfectly and deliver a medium-rare steak with a perfect sear just as your customer requested.

A restaurant multitasker. The cooktop is just the beginning of the way’s propane can elevate the cooking in your restaurant kitchen. Many commercial kitchen appliances can be powered by propane, or be converted to use propane. Propane can provide the powerful BTUs your broiler needs to give a perfect sear on meats. Deep fryers, steam tables, pizza ovens, rice cookers, buffets and more can run on propane, which provides energy efficiency and environmental friendliness electricity just can’t deliver. Propane can also fuel vital equipment like your furnace and water heater.

Expanding outdoors. Have you thought about adding al fresco dining to your restaurant? Or maybe you’d like to be able to offer your outdoor dining earlier in the spring and into the fall? Propane’s your hero! Propane can run patio heaters, fire pits and hearths to keep your customers warm outdoors, and can also run lighting for ambiance.

Safety. Did you know that propane is one of the most highly regulated energy sources? Between that and the propane industry’s strict standards for propane tanks, inspection, maintenance and installation, propane has one of the best safety records of any commercial fuel.

Reliability. In such a competitive industry like restaurants, you can’t afford to not be open when you’re supposed to be, and that includes when there’s a power outage. With a propane standby generator, you’ll be able to keep your refrigeration running to protect your food, as well as keep the lights on so you can be open for business. Blue Flame has a team of dedicated propane delivery and propane tank installation professionals who will make sure you have the propane your restaurant needs.

With propane, you can enjoy all these benefits without needing to be in an area where there’s a natural gas connection!

The experts at Blue Flame can help your restaurant get the propane it needs to grow and prosper. Contact us to learn more about our outstanding service in propane delivery and propane tank installation and leasing!