Using Propane For Your BBQ Grill During Winter

Get the grilling you crave even in the cold!

Winter grilling new jersey

When it starts getting chillier in the fall, many of us clean up our propane BBQ grills and put the grill cover on until next spring.

Why wait until spring? With some minor adjustments, you can use your propane BBQ grill in the winter and enjoy some delicious meals normally reserved for warmer weather!

And with Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange from Blue Flame, available at stores all over southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, you can get the propane you need all year round.

Winter Grilling Tips

Here are some tips so you can get grilling now.

You’ll need more propane. Because it’s so cold out, your propane BBQ grill will have to use more fuel to keep the grill hot. You also need to warm up your grill about 5 to 10 minutes longer before grilling. It’s a good idea to have a spare cylinder of propane from Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange on-hand in case of a runout.

Move your grill. Make sure your grill is in a spot that’s blocked from the wind as much as possible. You should position the grill so that the wind is perpendicular to the flow of propane gas so the wind won’t blow the flame down the tube burners. Watch closely so the wind doesn’t blow out the flame.

Put safety first. If you move your grill closer to the house, make sure you still keep a safe clearance between your grill and the house. And NEVER use your grill in a covered area like your garage or carport, nor store your propane cylinders there. Skip the scarf and be careful of flame near your other outerwear. Keep a clear path to your grill so you don’t fall.

Let there be light. It gets dark earlier in winter. Make sure your grill is in a well-lit area so you operate your grill safely, can see that your flame is on, and keep an eye on how your food is cooking. You can also get a grill light for more direct lighting.

Think fast. Baby, it’s cold outside. This is not the time of year to be using your grill for indirect grilling like when you make pulled pork. Think steak, pork tenderloin or chops, boneless chicken breasts, or fish.

Be prepared. Set up everything you need for grilling in advance, like tongs, sauces, brushes, and trays for bringing food in and out. That allows you to grill faster and avoid trips to and from the kitchen.

Hold onto the heat. Every time you open the grill lid, your grill loses heat. Leave the lid down with the vents open as much as possible.

Keep propane on hand for grilling whenever you want with Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange! We’ll help make sure you’re fueled all season long.