What do those noises coming from my water heater mean?

water heater
Your propane water heater usually labors quietly as it provides the hot water you need for the taps and appliances in your NJ home. But sometimes a water heater can get quite vocal – and if you’re an attentive-enough listener, it may just be telling you what it’s complaining about.

Here are four common noises you might hear coming from your water heater, and what they mean for your equipment:

  • Rumbling: A rumbling water tank could be a sign of a number of issues – a fault in the mixing valve or a broken dip tube causing cold and warm water to mix, for example. More commonly, rumbling indicates sediment has built up in your tank, causing it to overheat. Both scenarios require attention from a trained water heater technician or plumber.
  • Popping: Popping sounds are usually caused by excess water pressure. If adjusting the pressure doesn’t stop the popping, call for professional water heater service.
  • Whistling or hissing: Among several possible causes for hissing and whistling is a dangerous increase in water pressure. Call for service immediately.
  • Persistent gurgling: A running water sound indicates trouble with the pressure release valve; if this problem occurs in an older water heater, it usually means a propane water heater upgrade is in your near future.

Whatever the sound and issue turn out to be, a propane equipment repair expert will get the problem fixed quickly and professionally the first time so you can get back to using your water heater right away – and when you do – we’ll be there to fill you up!

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