What Is A Propane Tank Monitor?

A Wireless Tank Monitor Can Prevent Unexpected Propane Runouts!

tank monitoring new jersey At this time of year, homes in Atlantic County, Bucks County, and across Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania depend on propane to stay warm no matter how icy it gets outside. Propane provides robust, dependable heat…but you need to keep on top of checking your tank levels to ensure you don’t run low or run out.

If you inadvertently run out of propane, you could be without heating—or hot water—until a Blue Flame team can perform an emergency pressure test, allowing us to refill your tank or relight your propane appliances. It’s a bit of a hassle and expense for everyone involved.

Who Most Commonly Experiences a Runout?

If you’re checking your tank gauges and calling us every time you need a propane delivery, you could risk a sudden fuel runout and all the headaches that go along with that.

Some groups most at risk for a run-out are:

  • Residents who are often out of town for work.
  • Customers with unpredictable propane usage because of frequent guests.
  • People who manage the propane deliveries of older relatives.
  • Owners and operators of rental properties.
  • Airbnb and VRBO hosts.
  • Households in areas affected by frequent severe weather.

Luckily, Blue Flame can take the stress and uncertainty out of receiving your propane deliveries!

First: Go Automatic

Want to say goodbye to running outside in the cold to check your tank gauge? How does never having to call us for a propane delivery sound?

Most Blue Flame customers avoid these inconveniences by taking part in our automatic delivery plan. With automatic delivery, the Blue Flame team handles all the planning and scheduling. Our computer systems use your usage history alongside the current weather patterns to determine how quickly you use your fuel. We schedule a delivery when we estimate that your propane tank is about 30 percent full.

Automatic delivery is a no-fee service, and you don’t have to buy more propane to participate.

Second: Add a Wireless Tank Monitor!

Automatic delivery is incredibly reliable, but it depends on up-to-date information to inform our calculations. Your usage rate could change suddenly because of an event such as a new child or putting an addition onto your home. You could face an unanticipated runout if we don’t know about these changes.

For total confidence in your propane supply, consider having us install a wireless propane tank monitor.

How does a propane monitor work? It attaches directly to your tank and transmits real-time data via wireless and cellular technology. The Blue Flame team will get an alert when your tank drops to a certain level. Then, we can deliver your propane precisely when you need it.

Even better, you can also track your tank level data using a free app. Go anywhere in the world; as long as you have a wireless signal, you’ll know exactly how much propane is in the tank!

If there’s a gusty snowstorm outside, you can check your tank without having to throw on a coat and boots. Now, that’s a relief.

Get in touch with us today to install a wireless propane tank monitor on your tank. Our technicians can do it in a matter of minutes, and you don’t even need to be at home.