What Is The Auto Delivery Option?


scheduled delivery new jerseyLife is pretty busy right now. With school activities, sports leagues, fall housecleaning and other chores, and holiday preparations, you have a jam-packed to-do list.

Why not take scheduling your Blue Flame propane delivery off that list? It’s easy: Just sign up for our automatic propane delivery program!
If you don’t know what automatic propane delivery is, it’s just what it says. At Blue Flame, we use our computer system to estimate how much fuel you typically use in the current weather conditions, updating regularly to reflect the weather. Using that estimate, we deliver your propane to your southern New Jersey home when your tank is about 30 percent full.

What do you get with auto delivery?

  • Zero propane run-out’s
  • Freedom from having to regularly check your propane tank gauge levels
  • Not having to schedule a will-call propane delivery far ahead of time
  • No worry about extra fees that come with an emergency propane delivery

All that work and worry? It’s off your plate!

Want even more peace of mind?

Maybe you’ve added a new propane appliance like a propane fireplace or propane stove. Or, perhaps a family member or an elderly parent has moved in, meaning you’re using more propane for water heating and cooking.

If you’re worried that the new level of propane usage may affect your automatic propane delivery with Blue Flame, we have a solution: wireless propane tank monitoring.

Using digital technology, the tank monitor tracks your actual propane usage in real time. When it’s time for a propane tank refill, it notifies us at Blue Flame and we schedule you a propane delivery. You also get an email or text when your fuel level is getting low. There’s even an app you can use on your phone or tablet to monitor your propane usage and propane tank levels any time you want.

Enjoy the benefits that you receive when you sign up for Automatic Delivery of your propane and wireless tank monitoring from Blue Flame. Contact us today to find out more!