Do I Need A Tank Monitor? I Never Run Out Of Propane


Tank monitors new jersey

When you have automatic propane delivery from Blue Flame, you know the great feeling that comes with knowing our computer system keeps track of your normal propane usage and factors in how cold the weather is. We use that to make sure we deliver propane to your southern New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania home around the time your tank is 30 percent full.

Automatic propane delivery takes away the work of having to monitor your propane tank gauge and scheduling a propane delivery, and the worry of running out of propane.

Yes, automatic delivery is awesome. But it relies on careful calculations and educated estimates on your propane usage and your propane tank levels. That system works great … most of the time.

But if there are unknown changes in your propane usage, like if you installed a propane pool heater, installed a larger propane water heater, swapped out your old electric range for a new propane gas range, or have a long-term guest in your home like a visiting relative, your daily propane usage will change, and if you don’t let us know these changes, or calculations may fluctuate. If you use more propane than you used to, you may end up running low much quicker.

Wireless propane tank monitors from Blue Flame take away that possibility. These tank monitors track how much propane you’re actually using. Not only will you get an email or text if your propane tank gauge levels are starting to run low, Blue Flame gets an alert as well. That allows us to schedule an automatic propane delivery to avoid a propane run-out. And you’ll get a notification when we’ve made the delivery.

Another cool thing about wireless propane tank monitors is that there is an app you can use on your phone or tablet so you can track your propane usage and propane tank levels any time, 24/7!

That’s some serious peace of mind you get with wireless propane tank monitors. No more fear of running out of propane, and the damage such as frozen water pipes that may come with a run-out.

Want to find out how to add a wireless propane tank monitor to your tank, or enroll in our automatic propane delivery option? Contact the professionals at Blue Flame, today!

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