How To Stay on Top of Winter Heating Bills

Blue Flame Offers a Variety of Way to Help!

bill payment optionsnew jerseyIt’s been a rough go of it for our wallets lately this fall, as prices for everything from food, to clothing, to gas for the car have all been getting higher. That makes getting more control of your heating costs essential. Blue Flame offers several options to help you do that—all while not giving up an ounce of warmth or comfort!

Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring

You may be asking, “How a tank monitor can save me money?”

Wireless tank monitoring uses wireless and cellular technology to keep us informed in real-time, 24/7, exactly how much propane is in your tank. We get a notification when you need your tank filled, and we make the delivery before you run low.

Gone are any worries of having to pay for an emergency delivery or having a professional service technician perform the mandatory pressure test on your tank and relighting the pilots on your propane appliances if you’ve completely run out of gas.


Winter can be a busy time, between the holidays, traveling, and other events. Enrolling in AutoPay not only makes life easier for you, but it can also save you money!

Once you enroll, you no longer need to worry about payments by mail arriving late or forgetting to pay your bill online—and thus incurring late fees. You can use either your credit or debit card, or have your payments deducted directly from your checking account on the same day, same time every month. As a bonus, if you use a credit card that offers cashback rewards, you’ll earn those rewards quicker by using it for AutoPay!

Online Bill Pay

Managing your propane costs is easy as can be with a Blue Flame online account.

You can review your statements, make a payment, and more. Because your statement is online, it’s always easy to find, unlike paper bills that end up in a pile with catalogs, flyers, and other mail.

You’re also able to manage your Blue Flame account any time of day or night on both a desktop computer and mobile device.

Blue Flame makes managing your winter propane costs simple. Get in touch with us to learn more!