Get Your Propane Cylinders Filled All Year Long

Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange from Blue Flame Makes It Easy!

propane cylinder refill new jerseyPropane cylinders are commonly associated with summer season here in the Northeast. At first glance, it makes sense, as propane cylinders are used for a variety of outdoor appliances like grills, firepits, insect traps, and outdoor fireplaces amongst others.

But propane cylinders are actually used all-year-round! And the next time you need a tank filled, Blue Flame is here to help! In fact, many of your neighbors already rely on getting fresh, full, clean, and safe propane cylinders from their local Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange. They’re located in convenience stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, garden centers, and other retail locations all over our service area!

Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange make getting propane cylinders fast and easy! Just go to the one nearest you. Go into the store (please leave your empty cylinder in the car) and ask the clerk for a propane cylinder exchange. They’ll ring up your purchase, then take you out to the exchange cage and give you a full tank while taking your old one. Need a new propane cylinder? No worries! You can purchase a new tank without exchanging an old one, too.

Here are some of the ways propane cylinders work for you in the winter.


You may be thinking, “Grilling? But it’s cold outside! Grilling is only done in warm weather.” You can enjoy grilling in winter as well. And, if you lose power, you can use your propane grill for cooking and supplemental water heating.

Propane BBQ grills use more propane in the winter to keep the grill hot in colder weather. Make sure you have enough propane before you start. Having a spare cylinder from Lil’ Hank’s Tank exchange always comes in handy!

Portable or Backup Generators

Portable propane generators can help keep essentials like light and the fridge on during a power outage. Have an extra cylinder or two on hand to make sure you can get through the outage in case road conditions are too bad to leave the house.

Put safety first when using portable generators. NEVER use them indoors or in enclosed areas like garages or carports.

Always have the propane cylinders you need—any time of year. Call us at 833-268-1632 to find the Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange nearest you!